Gorkem Feyza Cay

Almed alanya işitme cihazları oba şube odyolog görkem feyza çay

Gorkem Feyza Cay


Hello! I am Görkem Feyza Çay, a dedicated professional in the field of audiology. I graduated from İstanbul Aydın Üniversitesi with a degree in Odyoloji in 2017. Over the course of my 6-year career, I have continually sought to enhance my expertise through various certifications and training programs.


I hold a Certificate of Training in the interpretation of vHIT and VEMP from Dr. Kamran Barin, Ph.D. Additionally, I have received certifications from the Interacoustics Academy in optimizing BPPV diagnostics and treatment, rotational chair measures for adults and pediatrics, and objectifying the functional assessment of the dizzy patient.


My commitment to professional development extends to proficiency in Turkish Sign Language, with certifications from the Dünya İşitme Engelliler ve Engelliler Federasyonu for both interpreter training and basic education.


I have actively participated in various symposiums and events, including the Başkent Üniversitesi Otoloji-Odyoloji Sempozyumu, Hacettepe University Vertigoya İnterdisipliner Yaklaşım Symposium, İstanbul Aydın University Koklear İmplant Symposium, and Signia product launch events.

For the past 6 years, I have been contributing my skills and knowledge to the audiology sector, aiming to provide the best possible care for individuals with hearing-related needs.

At ALMED Oba Alanya, we prioritize your unique needs. From comprehensive assessments to expert fittings, we tailor our services to ensure that each individual’s journey to better hearing is both comfortable and effective.

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